Focus Driven Parenting

Kids are amazingly present focused. Their world rarely ventures beyond the immediacy of the moment. I want this NOW. I have to make this decision NOW. I have to spend my money NOW. I have to say this NOW. Needless to say our culture is not helping matters. You need this product NOW. You must be this way NOW. You must play this game NOW.

Present focused.

While there is an element of parenting that has to live in the now, I think that we all can fall into the trap of living without the future in mind. A critical part of strategic parenting is casting vision for what you want your children to be and parenting towards that. It doesn't mean that the plan can't be modified as you go but it does mean that you have to have a destination in mind. A strategic plan for the discipleship of your children must teach our children that present minded de

cisions often have future consequences. A bad decision that might seem insignificant now could have big implications in the future.

Strategic parents must plan with the Big Picture in mind. A key component of that is showing your children how NOW decisions can impact the LATER. This idea needs to be reinforced daily. Take every chance you can to show your children how the Big Picture shapes what you do in the present. Teach them to think about the LATER as they make decisions in the NOW.

Our kids need to see how Christ's finished work on the cross changes how we live each and every day. They need to see how it changes the mundane, routine areas of our life. They need to see how it changes the way we make decisions. They need to see the change.

My prayer is that our kids will see clearly God's Story and how their life is a part of that.


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