Identity Crisis

One of the biggest battles that we must fight is the tendency to promote self-glorification in our kids. Whether we mean to or not, I think we tend to model this behavior and inadvertently parent towards that sometimes.

Self-glorification: I do what I do to make a name for myself, to get noticed, to get recognition, or to be seen as someone important.

Deep down, we all want our kids to be noticed and to get recognition. Part of that reasoning is that deep down we want to be seen as a great parent because of our children’s accomplishments. The reverse is also true. We are embarrassed when our children don’t act the way we want them to act. We truly believe that their behavior, good or bad, is a direct reflection on us.

It’s an identity issue.

From time to time, we all suffer from a case of mistaken identity. When it comes to the task of preparing our children to launch into their next season of life, we tend to forget that we are made for God’s glory and not our own. We must make sure our children know that they were made to know, serve, and love God and not to live self-oriented, self-directed, self-sufficient lives.

It is our job to teach our children that every desire, thought, choice, relationship and action is somehow an expression of worship. Our children are trying to make sense out of life and it is our job to make sure they receive a clear picture of God’s story and their place in it.

My prayer is that our children see us living for God’s glory and not our own. May our family’s identity be firmly rooted in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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