Thoughts on 40

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I turned 40 last Friday and my incredible wife took me on a birthday trip this weekend with two of our close friends. We had an absolute blast. On the drive there and back, I had time to reflect on 40 years of life. Rather than bore you with all the details, I thought I would share some of the key things that were important to me (in no particular order). Maybe one of these will strike a chord with you.

1) God’s grace is far greater than my feeble mind could ever imagine.

2) My mom died of cancer when I was ten and I never really dealt with it in a proper way.

3) Good and bad, I am more like my parents than I care to admit.

4) The time with my kids is dwindling and I need to value every moment with them.

5) I have wasted too much time on social media.

6) I have not invested enough time in relationships.

7) My students know me better than I thought and actually listen to what I am teaching.

8) I don’t know my Bible well enough.

9) I have a major people pleasing problem.

10) My wife is such a servant leader and I have not done enough to help.

11) Moving to Binghampton has been an incredible journey.

12) I never thought I would grow as close to a group of  men as I have with the Tiger football players and staff.

13) I have realized that the tone at which I speak is very important.

14) Marriage and parenting expose my selfishness more than anything else.

15) Teaching boys what it means to be a godly man is a true joy.

16) Memory making is crucial in parenting.

17) Lack of discipline has invaded too many areas of my life.

18) Making disciples must be a priority.

19) I have too much stuff.

20) I need to spend more time loving and less time criticizing.

Anything strike a chord with you? I am so thankful for 40 years of life and I pray that I can use this next season of my life to live more for God’s glory than my own.

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