Letter from a Desperate Dad


I recently read a letter from a dad that was looking for a way to connect with his son whose interests didn’t match up the way with his. Instead of complaining about it, he used to his advantage. This is the letter he sent to some of the car dealerships in his city:

“I’m a desperate dad. I’ll do anything to spend time with my son, and right now he is in to sports cars. Would it be possible if I pulled him out of school and brought him up to your showroom so that we could take some test drives? I want to tell you up front, I’m not interested in buying a car.”

To his shock, he got positive responses from every dealership. He called, made appointments, and scheduled a day of test drives with his son. They tried out every car the son wanted to see. After an incredible day of test driving and discussing which cars they liked the best, this dad decided to make it a strategic event. After a lengthy talk about cars, the dad keenly used the art of the intentional conversation and switched the subject to what God calls us to value. A conversation on materialism grew out of a memory making event.

There are so many lessons to be learned from this strategic dad but I want to point out only one. This dad used a chief memory making moment to lead into an intentional and meaningful conversation with his son. Moms and dads, take note. Our children do not need to be treated like people on the FBI’s most wanted list. We can’t sit them across the table with a spotlight on them and begin our interrogation. Use the opportunities you create as a platform to reaching your child’s heart. You can learn so much by talking in an environment that your son or daughter is comfortable being in. Take time this week to plan a memory making experience and use it as a springboard for intentional conversation. I promise you won’t regret it.

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