Parents can be the worst form of PED’s

With all this talk over the last couple of weeks regarding baseball players and Performance Enhancing Drugs, I began to think about parenting and sports. You see, I think parents might be the worst form of PED’s. Stay with me here and think through this. Maybe parents serve as Performance Enhancing Directors at the expense of their children.

1) We are pushing our kids earlier and earlier to get involved in competitive sports. I know the culture has pushed us that way but that is definitely not a justification for doing it.

2) The worst time for a child involved in sports is often the car ride home. We feel like it is our job to replay every second of the game. Trust me when I say that I am terrible at this one.

3) Since we act like the most competitive sport in America is parenting, we go overboard in making sure that our kids have the best training and trainers. Our comparative theology busts through the door of our hearts and fleshes itself out in our parenting.

4) Our schedules are now mandated by the number of practices our kids and not the number of times we want to have family dinners at home. We have become the scheduled instead of the schedulers.

5) Our push as Performance Enhancing Directors has led our children to think that their significance comes from how well they play or how impressed we are with their performance.

I pray that this “season” of your life is not marked by how many activities fill up your children’s calendar. Instead, may it be filled with margin so you can have strategic and intentional time to cast vision and communicate truth. May we all remember that we are here for God’s glory and not our own. Parenting not excluded!



  1. Joe Lee

    Great timing and good reminder during these seasons. I have really enjoyed the posts the last few months. Thanks for sharing!

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