Don’t Fast Forward

In the movie “Click” Adam Sandler plays a father who is working too many hours each day. He is always seeking ways to maximize his time at work while trying to maintain his family. At his lowest moment, he is offered a universal remote control to make his life easier. Sandler realizes that this remote not only controls the TV but it also controls all areas of his life.

After a few playful pauses and mutes in different areas of his life, he figures out that he can fast forward through parts of his life that tended to bother or ignore him. What Sandler soon realized was that the remote adapted to his lifestyle and automatically fast-forwarded through segments of his life. Sandler fast forwards to the end of his life and sees that he has lost his wife and ruined his relationship with his children. His desire to climb the corporate ladder and ignore his family ruins his life. The end of the movie shows that Sandler was dreaming and this dream motivates him to focus on his relationship with his wife and children.

The movie brings up a number of questions about the roles of parents. Parents, do we focus more on our careers than we do on our spouses and children? Are we easily agitated when things become difficult at home or work? Does this agitation carry over into other areas of our life? Do we get so frustrated that we want to fast forward our lives to better days? Where do our priorities lie when it comes to faith, family, and work?

May we take time to invest in our kids and not simply fast-forward through our lives because we find it easier.

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