10 Questions That Every Father Must Ask Himself


Eight months ago I had back surgery to repair a ruptured disc. For the weeks leading up to it, I was in a great deal of pain. The first time I went to the doctor, I went through some tests and an MRI to find the cause of the pain. Once the doctor diagnosed the problem, fixing it was pretty straightforward. The doctor had to cut me open and take out the disc that was causing the pain. Not long after that, I was able to be up and walking without pain or discomfort. While I still have some discomfort every once and awhile, walking has become far more enjoyable.

I don’t like being in pain. In fact, I don’t like being in discomfort at all. The good news is that God often meets us in uncomfortable times and inconvenient moments. As fathers, I think we must being willing to go through some discomfort and maybe even pain to be the father that God calls us to be. That means asking ourselves some very tough questions. We can’t cast a vision for something we are not willing to model. Are you willing to ask yourself the tough questions so that you can grow to be the man calls you to be for your wife and children? Take this self-test with me today and ask God to put on your heart areas that you need to work on so that you can be the strategic and intentional father your son needs.

10 Questions That Every Father Must Ask Himself

  • Where in your life could your son see evidence of self-glory?
  • Where in your parenting are you more dominant than you should be?
  • In what situations do you fail to listen to your child when you should?
  • What things do you attempt to control with your son that you do not need to control?
  • What specific situations with your son are you tempted to speak more than you should?
  • In what areas do you fail to recognize and encourage the gifts of your son?
  • In what areas of manhood are you unwilling to examine your weaknesses and admit your failures?
  • Does your son see you thinking of yourself as more important than you actually are?
  • By watching your life, does your son see that you care too much about people’s respect, opinion, and appreciation?
  • Does your son see you relying more on your own strength and wisdom or the grace and wisdom of God?


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